Hello my lovely friends!

Meet the most extra cup in the world. It’s massive but I have to make less brews. Unagi ?

In this one, I really wanted to hash out how we treat ourselves. As brits, our humour is very self deprecating, so that doesn’t help. But there comes a point when you wonder do we just genuinely not like ourselves?

Name 3 things that you hate about yourself.

Mine are my boobs. My face. My body. My hobbit feet. The fact that I have about as much sexual appeal as an ingrown toenail. Whoops, was I meant to stop at 3??

That took me seconds to write. Seconds.

Just for fun, name 3 things you love about yourself.

Cue the ellipsis… yep, that ones a lot harder. I can genuinely say, I’m at a loss. I really hope you aren’t finding this question so hard and you find it much easier to name things you love about yourself, but I’ve asked a few people this question recently and all answered the first question much faster than the second.

You know the famous mean girls line when Cady is told she’s really pretty, responds with ‘thanks’ and is hit back with ‘so you agree? You think you’re really pretty?’ And we all laughed because we allllllll know some girl(s!) who shame others for daring to like something about themselves and we’ve all had that moment.

Let’s put a bloody stop to that. If you are loving something about yourself, scream it from the rooftops. Feeling that pic? Post the shit out of it. Having the best hair day? Walk down the street with your head held high. You’re worth it ?

It’s my birthday eve & I’m reflecting on how 24 treated me. Looking forward, my only goal for this next year is to love myself to the max by showing myself true kindness. Something I think we should all do, imagine what a beautiful world it would be.

Oh, thought of one! My eyebrows. I am a fan of them ?

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