Hi everyone,

Spike that cup of Joe with some rum, it’s a celebration!

Instead of a cuppa, this posts pic is my first ever ‘wife’ card ❤️

Short & sweet one tonight.

I’ve noticed a recurring theme when it hits people’s birthdays, the inevitable ‘oh no I’m a year older’ or ‘another year away from 20’. Well not for me this year. I’m celebrating!!!

I’m 25!!!!! I made it!!! What a privilege. That’s how I’ll be viewing things from now on. I’ve known too many people who haven’t had this luxury, to hit the next birthday, to see way into their future, for their parents to see them grow. We are the lucky ones, and undoubtedly most of you will be able to think of someone like that in your life. So let’s embrace life for them, let’s wear our new age (no matter how scary it may be) like the cloak of privilege it is. I will be writing a longer post about this one day but I wrote this a few days ago thinking I’d have loads to have & I don’t today.

I’m off to enjoy some time with my husband. AKA I’m going to watch the football & swear like a sailor whilst Darren watches, horrified. Or sky news as I watch on, laughing. Either way, I suspect someone with a surname beginning with ‘M’ is gunna get sacked tonight.

G’night, from a 25 year old united fan x

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