In the words of momma Ru, hello, hello, hello!!!

This is a super quick one today but if I don’t post something about this, I fear I never will!

A couple of months ago I went to see George Ezra. Before he came on, there was this moment of magic which I’m sure happens at 99% of concerts. Just before he came on, there was the feel good songs that always come on to get you ready for a good singing your heart out session. I’d been feeling really shit and down (and urgh, what’s new you mopey bitch) but this moment of thousands of people singing teenage dirtbag together and I swear, it was the best feeling ever. We must’ve sounded horrific, but did we give a toss? Absolutely not, because it was like nourishment for the soul and I don’t feel presumptuous in saying that the majority of us FELT great!

Not too long ago, someone told me how music helped bring them happiness and I should try it. A choir is out because the basic requirement is that you can sing, so I’ve decided to set up Happy Hour.

I want this to be a weekly thing where we create a space where we sing, dance, have a cup of tea and just be happy. I can’t bear hearing that someone I know has hurt themselves again. I can’t bear to hear how sad people are. And I think we all are, so how about for 2 hours a week, we make each other happy. It may sound cheesy and a wee bit cringed but sod it – let’s embrace it!!!! If you’d be interested, please get in touch. I’m still looking for a venue but rest assured, in a couple of weeks tops we will be ready to rock and roll.

It sounds horrendous but honestly, if even 1 person turns up, I will be honoured. So if you struggle to get out, don’t have many opportunities to socialise or just seem to find most of your time is spent feeling down, this could be the place for you. Even if you’re happy all of the time, it’s for you!!!

Hope to get back to you soon with all of the details. I will post a more coherent post about this, but for now I just needed to let you know about it before I bottle it ??

See you soon, hopefully singing Come On Eileen together ?

P.S. I used a pic of me and my momma cause she makes me happy x

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