Hello hello hello!!

Shamefully, it’s been nearly 2 weeks since last posting and I feel horrible!! I’m blaming it all on having a bug, packing up our flat & my general laziness!

Seeing as it’s the alleged most wonderful time of the year, let’s talk about Christmas and along with the joy it brings absolute pressure.

Our Christmas Day consists of all 14 of us going to my mums and being fed a feast worthy of the Gods. The only downside is that means we all had to get 13 people presents. It’s ridiculous and you could tell people were struggling from this expectation. For the last few years we’ve done secret Santa for the adults and it’s made things a lot nicer, everyone a lot less stressed about money & a lot more laughter at the ridiculous things we’ve bought for each other.

Question is – when did it become all about presents, money & the image you put out to the world about how fabulous your crimbo was? (so guilty). Please enjoy today and the time you spend with the people. Enjoy the lovely food that someone has been preparing for 2 days & the fizz that will be anaesthetising said person!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, whatever you are doing. Whether you are spending it with your family, or your friends who are your chosen family, or by yourself eating a curry from your local take away. There is no right or wrong & people see Christmas as a time that you have to be around family, even if they are toxic and you’ve removed them from your life. Not today Satan, you do you!

Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for giving me my Christmas present by reading my weird rants!

Love to all x

P.S. to all the grinch’s like me, Christmas is nearly over, 15 hours to go!!!

3 thoughts on “Christmas time, social pressure & mulled wine

    1. Haha, Christmas just isn’t Christmas for me anymore. The Xmas bash used to get me feeling very festive but even that’s gone! Xxx

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