First things first. Please reserve the judgement of the hood for someone who cares. Everyone knows that the answer to most questions in life is you should pretend to be a unicorn!

Hello you lovely people & Happy 2019!!

I know I’m a bit late to the party but better late than never ? I feel awful that the blog has been neglected for a few weeks but life has been hectic. I could ramble about moving house, the chaos of Christmas & New Year and just day to day life in general but someone would call bullshit and that would be valid!

For most people, January is a time where people have done a little reflecting come the end of the previous year and now is their time to look forward, set new goals and have a fire lit under their arse. For me, January is always a bad month & I’ve never noticed the pattern until this year. Don’t know what the trigger is, or if it’s pure coincidence but amidst anxiety and sadness is where I find myself.

What is January for you? Have you set resolutions? I usually hate them, I can’t find the right words to describe why (great for someone who wants to be a writer, eh!) but they never seem to be about the important things in life. Take for example, one of the most common ones must be to lose weight. If that was just changed to ‘get healthy’ then that’s instantly better in my mind & seems like it’d be more achievable. I’m just being a judgemental cow who’s making no sense aren’t I?!

With that in mind, my goal (NOT resolution!) looking forward is to start putting together my 30 things to do before I’m 30 list. No time like the present! Number 1 is to make this blog a little community. I would love for it to be a safe space for people to engage with each other and just be a place of love. Now, I think this is a bit of a cheat one on the list because just having 1 person engage would qualify as a community for me! If you have any ideas for said list, suggest away.

I’m sorry it’s yet again not been a very cohesive blog post, but I just needed to post something because as I’m sure it’s been mentioned before – writing is my therapy.

I hope you all fit in to the category of ‘January is a month for new motivation and positivity’ but if you fall into the ‘January is a twat of a month’ one, I’m going to leave you with some incredible words that I think everyone should hear that were sent to me when I reached rock bottom from one of the loveliest girls who recently the world has sadly lost. I felt a bit unsure whether this was appropriate, but I think Faye wouldn’t mind if it meant it made 1 person in this world feel a little better. Also words these powerful were never meant to be heard by just one person.

Please remember you are important. You are valued. You are beautiful. You are you and you are needed in this world.

With love and a heavy heart, Beth x

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