Treat yourself as you would treat someone you care about

Hello my lovely friends!

Meet the most extra cup in the world. It’s massive but I have to make less brews. Unagi ?

In this one, I really wanted to hash out how we treat ourselves. As brits, our humour is very self deprecating, so that doesn’t help. But there comes a point when you wonder do we just genuinely not like ourselves?

Name 3 things that you hate about yourself.

Mine are my boobs. My face. My body. My hobbit feet. The fact that I have about as much sexual appeal as an ingrown toenail. Whoops, was I meant to stop at 3??

That took me seconds to write. Seconds.

Just for fun, name 3 things you love about yourself.

Cue the ellipsis… yep, that ones a lot harder. I can genuinely say, I’m at a loss. I really hope you aren’t finding this question so hard and you find it much easier to name things you love about yourself, but I’ve asked a few people this question recently and all answered the first question much faster than the second.

You know the famous mean girls line when Cady is told she’s really pretty, responds with ‘thanks’ and is hit back with ‘so you agree? You think you’re really pretty?’ And we all laughed because we allllllll know some girl(s!) who shame others for daring to like something about themselves and we’ve all had that moment.

Let’s put a bloody stop to that. If you are loving something about yourself, scream it from the rooftops. Feeling that pic? Post the shit out of it. Having the best hair day? Walk down the street with your head held high. You’re worth it ?

It’s my birthday eve & I’m reflecting on how 24 treated me. Looking forward, my only goal for this next year is to love myself to the max by showing myself true kindness. Something I think we should all do, imagine what a beautiful world it would be.

Oh, thought of one! My eyebrows. I am a fan of them ?

Friends are for life, not just for High School

It’s Sunday, so don’t you be flicking the kettle on – get someone to do it for you!!

Today I really want to discuss the importance of friendship. Now, this isn’t something that’ll be done and dusted in 1 post, this will very much be a recurring theme because how are you going to talk about friends without sitting down with them and discussing everything? (Coming soon – it’s gunna be good!)

Earlier this year I knew I wanted to start a blog. I wasn’t sure what it’d be about though and I suddenly just had this overwhelming need to write about the women in my life. It was another period of poor mental health for me and a genuine concern was I don’t know how I’m going to get out of this pit, maybe this is just life for me now. Then I got a text from my wonderful friend Naomi. There wasn’t anything monumental said, just a ‘how are you’. And the edges started to brighten a bit & there was some relief from the constant gloom.

It made me think, friendship is powerful. The people in your life play a huge role and most of the time it goes unnoticed and under appreciated. There and then I wrote a little something, words pouring out without really knowing what I was saying. On my screen I found a lovely nod to one of my friends. And thinking about it now, I was in such a place of darkness and sadness that I needed some light & beauty. Some kindness. So that’s why I unconsciously began writing about Naomi.

Now, I drunkenly read this unfinished piece to Naomi in a taxi on the way to a blossoms gig in the summer. There were tears (on my part), a very uncomfortable Darren & uber driver (I fear this trip affected my rating), but most importantly one of my favourite memories with her. I’m so glad she got to hear what I wrote because now I can’t find the bugger anywhere!!! Typical! So my dear friend, you get an updated version. I want to celebrate you as a person, because my word are you rare. In the most beautiful way!

You never leave someone worse off than you found them. You always enrich people’s lives & your natural kindness is so rare and beautiful, I can’t imagine my life without it. You are a one of a kind friend. When or if we have families, I get so excited for my future children that they will have you in their lives. How lucky they will be!

I’ve noticed that when I meet up with people, conversations can sometimes turn very bitchy and a portion of our limited time together will be spent tearing people down. This obviously says a lot more about my character then theirs because I’m a little instigator but this never happens with you. We never have to spend time reducing others to nasty words and that says a lot about you! Little side note – this is a topic I cannot wait to discuss. Lots of reflection coming up, which I hate but is necessary!

Now it’s pretty obvious I’m the kinda person who is quite insecure and looks for validation through other people. And social media. And the world. But hey, more on that at a later date! Naomi needs none of that. She is hands down one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met and she don’t throw it around like a super power like most people. It is also enhanced by the sincerity of her character. Never ever change.

So this post is for the unsung heroes, the people who never ever make everything about them, aren’t the ‘in your face’ kinda person but are actually the best humans around and the ones that the world should be celebrating! To the most modest woman ever, Naomi, I am forever grateful for your friendship and love. Thank you for your unlimited kindness x

Sorry if this blog post isn’t very relatable to everyone, but I love my friends and can’t wait to champion them all! Maybe you can think and reflect on your on friendships. Who are the people who have helped you become the person you are today, who do you have the best memories with & who loves you unconditionally when sometimes you don’t even like yourself. Give those people an extra squeeze and maybe tell them how important they are to you. It can’t be a bad thing to hear, can it?

P.S. Sorry for the picture Naomi, I just couldn’t resist baby us!

Kindness is Magic

Stick the kettle on, it’s me again!

First of all, I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who’s sent me a little message, followed my Instagram/blog or just generally been lovely and supportive. For me, this is as scary as running naked through a high school reunion. I feel very exposed. And with every word of encouragement I feel more and more confident. So thanks again you little babes!

Little side note: Despite the name, I didn’t think of going with a picture of me with my favourite brew cups but it may now just be a thing. I have an unintentional back log. I just really fucking love tea. (This was MY cup when I was growing up. Childhood besties)

Getting back to business, today I want to talk about the power of kindness. And personal growth (no fat jokes here please!).

Everywhere you look recently, there is just ugliness and hate. Whether it’s politics, the area you live, the bloody news… it’s all a bit much. No wonder people are bloomin miserable and struggling every day.

Naturally, I’m going straight to the social media discussion!

Everyone has someone that they absolutely can’t stand. They might never even talk to them but the mere site of them, a picture on Instagram, a status on Facebook and you get instant rage? Not saying it’s right but you all totally just thought of someone, ha! Well what do we actually get from that? Why have this negativity to someone who has zero impact on your life. Are they hurt by your dislike? Of course they aren’t, you don’t even matter to them. So why waste valuable energy that can be put in to love for yourself or people around you who actually contribute something to your life!!!

And I hate when people say you are fake for lifting others up. They may say you are being two faced for speaking to people you’ve maybe said stupid and mostly incorrect comments on. I say sod your alleged fakeness, maybe we are just trying to become better people and give a compliment or two along the way!

Earlier this year when I put on my struggle with my stupid ol’ brain, I had the most unlikely people reach out to me to make sure I was ok. They didn’t have to do that. They didn’t have to take a few minutes out of the day to tell someone they went to school with 8 years ago that it will be okay, but they did. And I will be forever grateful and will take a lesson from it.

Now I absolutely love building other women up. When I see a picture on instagram and your lashes look good on it, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be telling you. Great hair day? Fire emojis all day long. It’s bloody beautiful. Because when people do it to me it makes me feel special. That someone might notice. We all know it feels even better when it’s a shit picture too ha!

What I’m saying is, what takes 1 minute out of your day will make someones day sparkle a little more. This all sounds very superficial, but when you know that not everyone is out there laughing at the things you put on your social media (totally guilty… but you know, journey to being a better person n all that shit) and they are actually rooting for you the world instantly gets easier. You have back up, you have love and someone who hasn’t even spoken to you for years is one of your cheerleaders. That’s pretty bloody special, isn’t it?

So my mini mission for myself is to see the beauty in things before I see the ugly. I challenge you to do the same, and hopefully the days will become a bit brighter.

Thanks for humouring me, I know it’s not too cheery of a post  & it doesn’t even make sense. I promise to not allllllways be an incoherent, miserable bitch. Just like 90% of the time 🙂

Beth x

P.S. I know this one was really shit and not very funny, but please come back for my next post. I promise to get better! I feel a little ‘celebrating the beautiful women in my life’ awaiting to be typed. And to the most beautiful girl who I drunkenly read my half finished post to in a taxi on the way to see the Blossoms… I think it might feature you x

The Journey Begins

Hi all & welcome to my blog!!!

After talking about this for bloomin ages, I’ve taken the plunge as it’ll just be another year of what if’s and I should have done that’s.

Now, before we get started please be patient with me. I know nothing about editing and design but there’s nothing like learning on the job, eh!

Writing is beautiful. I feel it’s my therapy and heals the soul somewhat. I mean it’s not chocolate, but it’s close! So what better way to celebrate turning 25 next week than taking baby steps to fulfil my dream.

Now, I think I’m breaking most of the rules of creating a successful forum by saying I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS WILL BE ABOUT!!! Rule no. 1, create a topic to write about and create a blog around. Doh. If you know me, you know I am chaotic. Forever changing my mind. I cannot commit. And finally, a royal pain in the arse. So why shouldn’t this blog reflect that. I want to discuss the errand thoughts that appear in the brain, my favourite make-up, mental health, friendship, loneliness & anything and everything in between. I’ve really not sold this have I?

I’ll try to explain better as I go along. To start – I’m such a negative person. Always thinking the worst (which I still argue is a great outlook on life – minimal disappointment!), never remembering the happy moments in life and seeing the worst in everything. Well, no more!!! Please come with me on my adventure to bloody fall in love with life again, celebrate the beautiful people who surround us, start my 30 things to do before I’m 30 list*. So please, grab a brew and come and join my mad musings on life. Goodbye to ‘what if’s’ and Hello to ‘remember when’s’.


A bloody terrified Beth

*Do not expect any jumping out of planes or bungee jumps – I have much bigger things to fear and conquer. Like seeing myself naked!

The best is yet to come…