Hi you lovely lot!

I’ve let myself get woefully out of routine… again. And I have been wanting to post for ages but felt a bit like how do I get back into it?! One answer and one answer only – just do it, you dope!

Today I wanted to do the post that’s been needing to be done since August. A little update on my dad and our search for the lovely chaps who helped us.

First off, I want everyone to know that my dad has given me his permission to post this. I was accused of using his accident as a popularity tactic, but that was the opinion of a couple of strangers; I would only have been hurt by that if it was thought by the people who I love. I would never go behind his back to do this, especially not for a few likes.


I have wrote this post many times over. And truthfully, the earlier drafts are laced with negativity. I can’t bear to read them because they just ooze with sadness and shock. Truth be told, we got lucky. My dad is still here. He survived this awful accident and even though life will change for him – and us – he will be able to see and share our achievements. He’ll be able to cuddle and support us through the inevitable bad things that happen in life and I will be forever grateful for that. It just took a while to rationalise. Sometimes it’s human nature to focus on what’s lost and not what you still have.

I find it very upsetting that, unfortunately, we did not find Christian and his friends. We all just wanted to give you a hug & say thank you. Thank you for being there at the worst moment of my life. Thank you for jumping to help a stranger (without a split seconds hesitation might I add) who was in need. I completely froze and just stared at the horror scene in front of me and there just aren’t words to express my thanks and unconditional love for you as humans. I can’t buy you that pint or give you that hug, but what I can do is pay forward your kindness and that’s exactly what I intend to do. No matter how grand or small.

So whilst we didn’t find them, you know what we did find? Love. We were the recipients of so much love and support from people from all over the world. All different football clubs supporters were the first to jump in and help to spread the word. I still receive messages today and they are sent by people who love in many different countries. How is that even possible? Just thank you. Every message of support and well wishes for my dad has really helped a piece of me return and heal. You are wonderful (yes, you!!).

As for my dad. He suffered life changing injuries, I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing. It’s been a shock. But you’ve never met a more positive guy. I never want to divulge his medical issues, so I think that’s explanation enough. Just know that every obstacle that is being put in his way, he’s smashing through them with the grace & strength I can only one day wish to possess.

Life changed in a second. What didn’t change is the love and kindness of people around us. Forever grateful for every single one of you x

P.S. this was the most healing thing I’ve done in a while. Gonna go cry myself to sleep but for the first time in forever, in a really good way!!!

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